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In January many were speculating whether another official mouser should be engaged by No. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home helpfully pointed out that they had many rescued cats on their books, waiting to be rehomed, who would be admirable for the job. They invited the Prime Minister to choose a suitable candidate, and suggested a three-year-old tuxedo cat by the name of Crocket could be ideal. But prospects appeared slim for another Humphrey or Sybil, or indeed Crocket, as it was also reported that the PM would ‘not be bringing back the Downing Street cat despite the fresh sightings of rats’, as he was ‘not particularly concerned about the rat situation’. Although not officially confirmed at that stage, news reports spoke of ‘insiders’ indicating that the successful applicant was Larry, a stray from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, who had been selected from a shortlist but with David Cameron’s two eldest children having the final say on which they liked best. The media went into overdrive and by the following morning the BBC was reporting that Larry was indeed due to arrive at Number 10 later in the day to take up his duties, and that a photocall would be held: During the afternoon there was coverage of Larry arriving in Downing Street and being taken inside No. Battersea had issued a press release saying the former stray was ‘a great match, because he is a very sociable cat who enjoys attention and loves human contact. Battersea said, ‘Our cats live in a cattery but there are usually tell-tale signs of the hunter instinct from a previous life in some cats and even in the cattery Larry showed those signs.

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First of all, define “cat lady. It is my personal belief that most female cat owners below the age of 40 fall into the “not a cat girl, not yet a cat lady” category. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 2. Cat ladies mostly look like … normal ladies.

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A first of its kind study may just have answered the perennial question of: Humans have bickered over the animals for the longest of times. The Revenge Of Kitty Galore. The cells are associated with thinking, planning and behaviour, and Herculano-Houzel developed the method for accurately measuring their numbers. One of the key questions the study hoped to answer was whether carnivores have more brain neurons than the herbivorous species they prey upon, with the researchers hypothesising that they should because hunting is cognitively more demanding.

Small and medium-sized carnivores were found to have a roughly similar brain size-to-neuron ratio as the animals they preyed upon, suggesting that to escape predators herbivores had to develop just as much brain power as the animals trying to catch them.


Middle This breed treated as pets to people of Central and Southwest Asia. These 2 cats were brought back from Turkey by car including camping on the way 3. Appearance and Character and More This is a cat with a quiet voice and a large powerful frame 1. There are a number of cat breeds with quiet voices e. Maine Coon and British Shorthair cat to name two. Apparently this breed of cat gained a reputation of being difficult and unpleasant because they were unhappy at cat shows.

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Share this article Share His arrest was a result, at least in part, of enraged animal lovers using the power of social media to track down a suspect. The cat flew some 10 feet into the air as the animal abuser cackled and did a little victory dance. But on Monday, police used the video posted to Facebook to help track down the suspect.

He’s now been charged with aggravated animal cruelty, though the cat has not been found and authorities are unsure if it survived One of the first steps was identifying the area where of New York where the attack occurred. One Facebook user used video enhancing software to blow up the scene and see details that later led police to identify the scene of the crime as the Brevoort Houses in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Residents of the housing complex told police the stray cat was a fixture in the area.

A veterinarian told the investigators that the cat suffered serious injuries from the kick. However, attempts to find the feline have come up short and police remained unsure Monday night if the animal survived the savage attack.


May 31, Erin McCarthy Studies have shown that just watching cat videos on the internet can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions—so it’s no surprise that actual cat ownership has a number of benefits. Here are a few. A study found that the resources needed to feed a dog over the course of its life create the same eco-footprint as that of a Land Cruiser. Meanwhile, cats—which eat less in general and are more likely to eat fish than corn- or beef-flavored products—only have the approximate carbon footprint of a small hatchback.

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but one of the best ways of coping is to own a pet.

Kitty Cafe in Leeds is now holding singles nights in the hope of match-making cat lovers. The Kirkgate feline haven has already hosted its first dating night – which was such a success that most.

We use our personal intelligence to notice whether someone loves cats, for example, and use that information to form a picture of what the person is like. Samuel Gosling of the University of Texas at Austin and his colleagues surveyed 4, volunteers in an internet survey. Their participants were a diverse group—of different ethnicities, nationalities and ages.

They completed measures of five big personality traits: That acknowledged, data is always imperfect and their results are among the most informative we have. In Gosling’s study, dog people were more outgoing, agreeable and conscientious than cat people. On neuroticism, dog people were less neurotic than average and cat people were closer to average. Cat people were more open-to-experience than dog people.

People who preferred both pets were mostly in between dog and cat people, except they were as high in openness as cat people. Non-pet people were also in between except for being as high in conscientiousness as dog people, and relatively low in openness, like dog people. The patterns for each group were the same for both men and women.

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I wish the human race were transformed into cute little rodents whose only aim in life was to have continuous, lusty, mindless animal couplings at every opportunity, hundreds of times each day! Hungary is a land of romance, of passion. But first you have to get over the hard part.

Dog kennels and cattery in Shropshire. Lucknow is one of the country’s leading state of the art Kennel and Cattery facilities, providing your pets with a 5 Star treatment while you are away.

My name is Keith Richard Radford Jr I have the most wonderful kitties and have done the best we can for them. He had liver damage and for what ever reason from birth being a shelter rescue this cat had no fear and in the years we were his stop for food, threats and water while we were graced with his presence and knew him I watched him stare down a cat four times his size and win, be the catalyst for the others well being and hold on for as long as he could.

His brother Lumpy is the one with the diabetes, a short hair oriental smoke talker with a love for all things in life and when a person pets this incredible wonder of nature from front to back his is pitch black and shines like a new Mercedes in the night on Sunset Boulevard or a Hudson parked in front of the Whisky on a Saturday night in May. Enough with the background because if one of the two we now enjoy were to knock over a book shelf and and lose a leg or find out and understand how sin tax really puts a nations wealth in the pockets of clowns in other nations they would be different for sure the next day.

Lumpy the loud black guy is now hooked on insulin as much as much as some guy down an ally with a big cushy chair and apartment full of dime bags of Heroin and a DEA badge handing out 1st time feel good hits to awaiting NY residents some he can get names to fuel a war on drugs and a nations people. He likes a schedule and if he could get an apposing thumb would probably keep a white board and clock above his poo bin.

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Here are a few. A study found that the resources needed to feed a dog over the course of its life create the same eco-footprint as that of a Land Cruiser. Meanwhile, cats—which eat less in general and are more likely to eat fish than corn- or beef-flavored products—only have the approximate carbon footprint of a small hatchback. Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but one of the best ways of coping is to own a pet.

Cats have been shown to help people get over their loss more quickly, and show less physical symptoms of pain, like crying.

A pet lovers dating service is a unique take on an old industry. A new online dating craze has found a niche, as pet lovers by the thousands join these dating services in the hopes of finding a partner who will love them, as well as their pet.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel There are nine cat cafes in the UK and the number is rising fast Most are fully booked well in advance Some charities, including the RSPCA, say they aren’t suitable homes for cats A black-and-white cat slinks up to the giant wheel in the corner of the room. You look beautiful,” cajoles cat carer Mona. Lizzie hops on to the apparatus, walking with long elegant strokes as the wheel spins around.

After a minute she hops off for a head rub and a back scratch from Mona before getting back on again. A gaggle of delighted customers gather and coo at the performance. Mona heads upstairs to place a food order and Lizzie immediately loses interest in the wheel.

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